We offer a variety of services designed to help you grow

Business Development

Whether you want to expand into other markets, create a new vertical product group, or add a new revenue stream, we’ll create a plan starting with who and where.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We’ll work with you to identify logical prospects that would be a good cultural and business model fit for your firm.

Business Planning

Often an overlooked area of the business even by some of the best Owners/Operators in the world, business planning is essential to your firm’s success. We will work with you to create a solid plan of action that includes answers to the toughest questions.

Sumtis Business Review (SBR)

Provides you with a road map of each functional department, recognizes and recommends profitability strategies, summarizes and predicts market
growth/trends, outlines office structures and culture, examines media exposure, and more.

Succession Planning

At some point every business owner will “call it a day.” We will help start the process and determine options for the next chapters of your business.


We will help determine the value of your company and ways to increase it.

Broker/Team Recruitment

The real estate industry is all about human capital, and recruiting the right person or team can be a full-time job. We will help you construct an appropriate
recruitment strategy, as well as identify individuals from the industry talent pool from productive broker-agents to new vertical specialists and beyond.


We will help you navigate the challenging decision of affiliating with a national real estate brand. We have the knowledge and insight of the potential benefits that franchising can bring to your firm, and can offer unique and valuable insight.

Real Estate Tools

With more options than you can count, there are tools for just about every aspect of running a successful real estate firm. But let’s be real – you don’t need half of them. We have significant experience in CRE related industries that give us an edge when helping you decide which tools you should utilize, and then assist you in contract negotiations with the appropriate vendors.

We’re all about growth.

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